Superdrol Description

Superdrol (is an injectable steroid, a methasterone preparation, which is characterized by pronounced anabolic properties with moderate androgenic activity. It is produced by Spectrum-Pharma. Injections are produced on an oil basis and are designed purely for parenteral, intramuscular administration.

In bodybuilding and fitness, Superdrol is more often used as the main drug during drying, less often as a component in strength and mass gaining courses. It all depends on the tasks of a particular athlete or fitness woman.

Features and properties of the drug

The active ingredient in the injection is the steroid Methasterone. It is also well known to athletes by its chemical name – methyldrostenolone. It is a structural analogue of drostanolone, hence the name. The molecule was modified for oral administration (17-alpha alkylation was performed). The first mention of methasterone in the scientific literature dates back to 1956. Initially, the steroid was developed specifically for medicine (oncology), but later they decided to abandon this idea due to lack of demand.

Like analogues in the active substance, Superdrol is a fairly strong anabolic: the ratio of anabolic action to androgenic effect is about 3 to 1. If you give specific values, then it has an anabolic activity equivalent to testosterone esters (100%) and reduced androgenic properties (25- 40%). Read more here

What are the improvements in the positive effect of the drug?

First of all, it stimulates the increase in muscle mass without retaining excess water and without accumulating subcutaneous fat. And secondly, it helps to increase power potential, increase physical performance, accelerate recovery or reduce fatigue.

Thus, we have an anabolic steroid working in iron sports.

What are the risks? According to reviews, Superdrol does not actually provoke side effects with the exception of rare androgenic complications: acne, irritability, sweating, baldness; others. On our own behalf, we add that injections have some toxic effect on the liver (moderate dose-dependent hepatotoxicity), so we strongly recommend not to abuse the drug.

Superdrol: instructions for use

The optimal dosage for sports purposes is always selected individually. On average, men are not recommended to put more than 25-50 mg of methyldrostenolone per day, and women are better off limited to 5-10 mg of the active ingredient (daily). Otherwise, the effect is likely to shift in the direction of side effects.

Superdrol is given in short courses (about 6 weeks) to avoid liver damage. Then you can go out with PCT: during the release, short testosterone esters, like propionate and phenylpropionate, show themselves perfectly; for PCT, an aromatase inhibitor is usually used, in particular tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate.

Important! Before putting Superdrol, contraindications for use should be excluded. These include: hypersensitivity to methasterone, hypertrophy of the prostate (prostate), and pregnancy or lactation.

Superdrol Cycle Advice

Much like some other compounds such as dianabol, methasterone, can be a great starter to start a cycle. It will fill you up quickly and make you feel like your routine will be effective much faster – with the risk of some dangerous side effects.

It is extremely important that when using Superdrol, you avoid using it for more than a couple of weeks. Even that’s pretty intense. The compound is very damaging and will undoubtedly lead to side effects if you use it on a regular basis.

Most people start their Superdrol cycle with 10-20 mg daily. Some experienced users find that they can use 30 to 40 mg per day. These doses are much more likely to cause side effects.

What do superdrol reviews say?

Methasterone has received some pretty positive feedback on how effective it is. Unfortunately, it has also received egregious reviews of dangerous side effects caused by it.

Some Superdrol reviews report that they gained 10 pounds of muscle over the course of a month as a result of using Superdrol.

Despite the egregious reports of negative side effects, some people have had quite positive experiences with Superdrol. One steroid user known online as Ai reported that Superdrol “seems to me the best deal to date.” It looks like this user has been using this remedy for a short time and was unable to determine if the side effects were risk.

Even users who reported not experiencing many side effects say the drug should be used with caution. PIXTER warns that “[Superdrol] is definitely NOT for newbies and under 21s.”

It should also be noted that these reports are published by men who are familiar with steroid use. They can be used for some side effects. PIXTER continues to report that it “had no serious side effects other than some compression of the testicles,” which newbies or strangers would probably find to be quite a serious side effect.