Beginner Mistakes

What should not be done while we are still young and green on the run?


Sometimes it seems to us that we are strong enough and ready to go a long mileage. This can lead to overwork, which is characterized by lethargy, drowsiness, apathy.
And most importantly – a decrease in results. Even worse, it can cause injury.
Do not forget about the basic rule – increase mileage gradually – by no more than 10% per week.


Going for a run does not need to gain maximum speed from the first meters – you warm up your cold muscles for the first few kilometers.
Therefore, restrain yourself at the beginning of a workout.


Nobody likes to stretch!
But it has long been known that the more elastic the muscles, the stronger they are. We are no longer talking about the fact that unheated muscles are easy to injure, and the benefit of a hitch is in many respects that it accelerates lactic acid and relieves us of strength.


Lack of sleep can greatly affect your fitness. You do not have enough time to recover, your general mental state worsens, your immunity decreases.
There are no recommendations on the necessary amount of sleep for a person – you must derive this figure yourself and always try to stick to it.