Curious facts from the history of roulette

Even those who have never tried their luck in a casino know about the existence of the mesmerizing and promising wealth roulette. This game has long been firmly associated with gambling entertainment and deservedly bears the title of “the queen of gambling”. About this game they write books and make movies. For many, it has become a true symbol of wealth, luck and excitement. The development of technology and the Internet opened a new era in the lives of roulette fans. Now you can enjoy your favorite game around the clock and right at home. Some resources do not even require registration. Anyone can come in and make a bet.

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Roulette has ancestors

If you ask the historical facts, you can learn that the inventor of roulette is rightly considered a French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He was fond of studying the motion of objects. This allowed a talented scientist to create a prototype of the game, which for several centuries, adore millions of people. Roulette began to play in the seventeenth century. This popular pastime has a rich history and went through several transformations before it took the modern look, familiar to today’s casino visitors. However, Pascal invented roulette in such a form that no significant changes were needed to start playing it. All that was missing was the zero sector. For quite a long time, players did without it. The Zero was invented and introduced in 1848 by François Blanc and Louis Blanc.

There were further innovations

In the nineteenth century, roulette begins to travel around the world in triumph. About this fascinating game becomes known on the American continent. It was there, and then invented a version of roulette, which involved two sectors simultaneously zero. American casinos decided on this innovation, seeking to significantly increase their income from the already popular game. Exactly the number of sectors zero is the main difference between European and American varieties of roulette.

The nineteenth century became a golden age for the game. Roulette became extremely popular among fans of gambling entertainment. She took a leading position among the games that were offered in the casinos of that time. It was recognized in Monte Carlo and the Riviera, earning it the title of “queen of gambling.

Superstitions and legends associated with roulette

Unsurprisingly, roulette’s popularity has given rise to a range of legends. Many have noticed that if you add up the numbers denoting sectors, the resulting sum will be equal to 666. Superstitious gamblers have created a legend that the inventor of roulette made a deal with Satan. Allegedly, this is what makes the game so popular and appealing. Another legend attributes the invention of roulette to the Chinese. Proponents of this version argue that in Europe the game saw thanks to commercial relations of Chinese monks with the Dominicans. There are those who call the birthplace of roulette Ancient Rome. They believe that the prototype for the game was an inverted chariot wheel.

However, the correctness or incorrectness of these versions does not matter in principle, because roulette remains the most popular game of chance in any case. If you also want to feel the excitement of playing roulette, then you should find the best casino. First, you should study the reviews, and only then make conclusions about the reliability of the casino. For example, you can use the site to make sure the reliability of casino 888 canada.