Safe electrical wiring in the house

The fact is that when you need safe wiring, hiding it in the wall, ceiling (sometimes in the floor) seems to be the best option. But not all simple solutions are right in practice. Why not? Hidden wiring has to be detected if necessary. When you need to hide wiring, you have to follow simple rules if you do not want problems:

  • Strobes lead to points vertically and horizontally, laying the line at an angle is unacceptable;
  • All electrical wiring in a private home and apartment must consist of unbreakable lines, except for lighting. For lighting it is allowed to use a junction box, including a double or triple switching circuit;
  • It is forbidden to lay cables at floor level, especially under tiles.

If you need quality electrical wiring in a private home, can you afford to pay unqualified workers? Safety is your job, the mercenary does not care about all the rules and regulations. He is also able to stick liquid nails to the wall to make money faster. So consider installing electrical wiring in the house as the first important task. The second is heating. And let the number of lines not scare you – it is justified, expedient and tested by practice.

It is not easy to find the cable laid with violation of the rules

There is a power line search service, it is not so expensive, but the question remains, why pay if it is possible to save the circuit diagram? Installation of electrical wiring in the house is not an easy task at all. Externally tangled laying, made in accordance with the rules, much more logical and understandable for electrician nyc, making repairs. Not specialists are frightened by such lines. But professionals are scared of other things:

  1. The lack of color coding, including corrugations with input cables from the switchboard;
  2. The presence of intersecting lines. Even a special corrugation for electrical wiring does not save from “leads” in the intersections;
  3. The wall-mounted junction box is not an electrical helper, but rather a time bomb.

In hidden wiring, it’s better to hide only the cable

There must be direct access to the key elements of the wiring. Installation of the most complex wiring allows you to find places in the house, where interference with the line will not lead to costly repair of damaged finish. When forming the physical layout of the cable system, remember a simple truth. Sooner or later you will have to fix each line. Reliable information about the location of each wire is a good compromise to minimize troubleshooting problems. It is advisable to fix the circuitry of the systems when there is no wall in place.

Any wiring to be hidden should look elegant and beautiful. There are many examples of good work, take a note of another rule – a competent electrician will show the result before smearing the strobe. Leave the “mortgage”, take into account the permissible bending radius of the cable and corrugation, will take into account all the wishes of the customer. And the result will look harmonious, from any point of view, even in terms of aesthetics. This is your main goal, as the customer of the work. Not to make fast and “about-like”, but to find people who know how to make hidden wiring so that you can eliminate the fault at any time quickly and without new finishing costs.

It is important to understand that if you want to get a good enough result, then you need to use the services of specialists. This will help you reach a whole new level and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. As soon as you start working with professional electricians, you will immediately feel the positive results of such cooperation.