Andalusia: one of the most promising regions for foreign investors

Spain is an attractive country for those who want to invest in real estate. But here, as in other places, there are more and less promising regions from this point of view. Andalusia is ranked first. This autonomy is the first in the country by population and the second by area. In addition, the region is also rich in tourist attractions, which, combined with the beautiful climate, makes it very attractive for real estate investment. Moreover, at the level of not just Spain, but also in Europe. 

Real estate in Andalusia – which areas to consider

It is a land that combines a unique culture and modern way of life. Here you can see the southernmost point of continental Europe (Cape Tarifa), the closest to Africa. There is no less characteristic Arab culture, along with bright Spanish. The local landscape is characterized by diversity – high mountains, endless beaches, large modern cities and small cute villages. These and other exceptional features of the region make buying a house, apartment or villa in Andalusia a good investment.

If you are planning to buy property for rent, the almost all year round sunny Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical tourist season will be a strong argument for choosing these areas of the region. Thanks to the mild climate of tourists on the Andalusian coast is always a lot. Well, there are enough resort towns for all comers.

Andalusian Mountains and remote from beach resorts, the capital of the autonomy Seville is inferior in popularity of the sunny coast in terms of demand among foreign investors. Nevertheless, here too, the demand for Spanish real estate is not bad. This is due to the abundance of interesting tourist places and attractions, as well as a wide range of business opportunities, low cost of doing it. The latter also applies to non-residents: they also have access to grants and tax breaks, as well as local companies.

Advantages of buying Andalusian property

The pros of buying property in Andalusia for investors:

  • Favorable prices for housing in all areas of the autonomy, including resorts;
  • Analysts predicted growth in real estate prices;
  • Long tourist season;
  • Comfortable climate;
  • High quality of life;
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Transport accessibility (over 100 international flights to different parts of the world from Malaga airport).

Previously buying property in Andalusia was associated with another significant advantage – no need to obtain a patent to rent a purchased apartment or house. But since 2016, new legislation came into force. Now, as in other Spanish regions, it is necessary to draw up all the required documents. This is not a disadvantage, but a pattern that is common to all popular among foreign investors Spanish regions.

Where it is better to buy a home in Andalusia?

The most popular places to buy accommodation in Andalusia among foreign investors are Almuñecar, Benalmadena, Marbella, Nerja, Estepona. Sotogrande, Malaga is gaining in popularity. Answering the question of where in Andalusia is better to buy an apartment, house or villa, you can confidently say – anywhere. Choosing quality housing in any area of this beautiful region, you will not miss. However, you can also take a look at other regions of Spain, as there are many interesting options in this country. For example, you can buy a home mallorca or give preference to other parts of paradise in the country. You should just spend more time analyzing specific regions, which will help you make the right decision regarding the purchase. So the choice is yours.