Masslooking in Instagram

Some attentive users of Instagram could pay attention to the fact that their Stories are viewed by bloggers and various famous persons. More and more often you can see screenshots in the publications, where in the list of those who have viewed “stories” you can see the profiles of popular people. And in general, many have noticed an increase in viewing stories from unfamiliar profiles. All these facts have a simple explanation: instagram masslooking – a new way to promote your account – is actively gaining popularity.

Why mass looking is effective

In summer 2016 Instagram Stories, a new publication format, became available to Instagram users. And we are now interested in the fact that this format was gaining popularity very quickly and as a result has become used more often than classical publications in the ribbon. The “Stories” disappear 24 hours after publication. Due to this, it is possible not to focus on retouching and careful processing of photographs. This is content with a limited lifespan, and evanescence is its main feature.

However, users are still interested in the social component: many quite rightly want to know how many people watch their “stories” and who exactly watches them. As a result, most users regularly check their statistics by flipping through their “viewers” list. And if a user sees a new account in this list (especially if the account is not designed as obviously commercial), it is quite natural for him to have interest and desire to look at this profile. Of course, not every user will pay attention to this and go to check something. But masslooking allows you to view tens of thousands of Stories every day, so 1% of users who have migrated to the account will be more than enough. 

That’s why SMM-specialists immediately saw the perspective in this method of promotion, and promotion services began to offer masslooking option to everyone. One of the market leaders – – has already tested such a tool on his platform and presented it to the public. New tools for promotion in Instagram regularly appear in this service.

Thus, the majority of Instagram users pay attention to “stories” rather than to the ribbon. And there are two objective reasons for that:

  1. Saving time. Scroll 15-90 seconds faster in Stories, and interesting profiles are displayed first.
  2. Interest. Retouched and too beautiful pictures in the ribbon are already annoying, so “live” Stories in the top.

Accordingly, the benefits of mass looking can be expressed by two factors:

  • New subscribers. Typically, the owners of ordinary accounts with a small number of subscribers pay attention to everyone who has viewed their “history”, as to notice your account among 50-100 users will be quite easy. And if you have taken care of quality content or demonstration of an interesting offer – you are very likely to get a new subscriber.
  • Increase in coverage. Masslooking not only helps to attract new subscribers, but can also increase the coverage and loyalty of the existing audience. Your subscribers will surely enjoy watching their “stories”. Everybody loves attention, and if you are active in relation to your content, your subscriber will hardly want to unsubscribe. In addition, watching your subscribers’ Stories is an additional reminder of yourself.

Masslooking – a great find for promotion and business in Instagram. If you catch a glimpse of viewers in other people’s stories, you will definitely get potential customers. This method is especially effective when working with users whose stories are viewed by only 70-120 people.