How to get acquainted with a man on a dating site

There are thousands of questionnaires on the site – you can wait for years to be noticed. And it is not a fact that these will be the men with whom you would like to get acquainted. In addition, in some countries, a man is not the first to show initiative, and he may just not dare to give you a sign of attention. Look through the catalogs more often, they are constantly updated. If you like a man, add him to your gallery of favorites or write a letter. The more local singles you pay attention to, even just by looking at his profile, the more chance you have of finding your soul mate. Answer letters and messages faster. For many people, the Internet is a familiar and fast form of communication. If a man doesn’t get a reply, he doesn’t think that you rarely look through your mail, but considers it a lack of interest.

Also do not forget that in the gallery of profiles display questionnaires are not according to the time when you registered, as a result, girls who have just registered receive much more letters than those who registered a month or even a year ago. Sorting is made by activity of users (men or women). When searching, you first see users who are now on the site, then those who were on the site today but a few hours ago, then those who were last time yesterday and so on. This allows men and girls to see people who are actively looking. So, if you want to be on the front pages of the Gallery, go to your account as often as possible, and all men will see your profile.

How to interest a man

  • To interest a man, carefully study his profile, send him a sign of attention (greeting), and a short message about yourself. To the same Greeting in response, it is better to respond again with a short message to show your interest. You can also add his profile to your list of favorites, he will be able to see that you have singled out his profile from the others.
  • You should reply to the letters immediately, the sooner the better. In this way you will be able to maintain a stable interest of a man to himself. If you think about answering for 2-3 days, the man’s interest may switch to another object. This is especially important in the first stages of correspondence, i.e. try to keep the “heat of passion”, men like it.
  • Do not give all information about yourself at once! It’s better to portion it with a hint at the end, say, continue. Who would be interested to correspond with you if you “give out” everything about yourself from the very first letter. If you are one of the women seeking men, then this one should be considered.
  • Offer to communicate in a video chat. It is very easy to use and you will be able to communicate with a web camera. In addition, you will not have to share your Skype nickname right away. You will always be able to do this.

  • Do not show that this is the man you stopped at. Let me just say a little (just a little!) to understand that you chose him from a large number of applicants for correspondence because he has such extraordinary qualities, stunning appearance and powerful intelligence. Well, men love it when they are praised!
  • Show interest in his life, and then skillfully use the information obtained in your letters. Men like it when they are interested in them and in their lives. Especially to their hobbies – motorcycles, fishing, hunting.
  • Do not be terribly serious, men are afraid of very serious and with an encyclopedic mind of women. When asked if you like to swim in the pool naked, you can, for example, answer – “No, I like to swim in a coat! This is better than taking this question seriously.
  • Send more interesting photos, the more, the better. A man will never have many pictures of you. They like to look at photos more than to read letters.