How to recover after training

Only the correct ratio of training and recovery procedures takes the body to a new level of development – athletes improve their speed and endurance.

When choosing a training load, you need to be careful: as experienced runners say, “it is better to avoid running than to run across.” At the same time, rest is an equally important part of the training process.
Continuous training with minimal recovery after them leads to fatigue and overtraining. Motivation is lost, the risk of injury is increased. In order not to bring ourselves to such a state, we strongly advise you to rest more. There are several well-tested recovery methods for which the body will be grateful to you.

In a dream, the general metabolic rate decreases, blood pressure normalizes, body temperature decreases, muscle tone decreases, redistribution of blood occurs, the heart and lungs work in economical mode. The duration of sleep necessary for a full recovery is individual for each person, but basically it is from 6 to 9 hours. It is better to fall asleep before midnight.

Massage helps increase blood circulation, relax, relieve spasms and pain in damaged muscles. Massage speeds up the process of excretion of decay products, helps to improve mobility in the joints. If it is not possible to use the services of a massage therapist to combat fatigue, self-massage can be used. As techniques of self-massage – stroking, rubbing and kneading.

A warm bath (like a bath) accelerates metabolic processes in the body and relaxes muscles. A cool (but not too cold) bath relieves pain. You can add bath salt to the bath. Such a solution will help remove toxins and relieve muscle pain. Speaking about the benefits of water, it is also worth mentioning swimming as an effective means of restoring and strengthening the back and muscles of the core. 30-40 minutes of swimming in a pool or open water the day after a hard workout will help relieve fatigue and strengthen muscle tone.

An important means of recovery is light running. The duration of such a training is 30-50 minutes or 6-10 km, depending on the preparation of the athlete. And do not be lazy to do stretching after a recovery run – this is a good prevention of injuries, your joints and ligaments will thank you.

Sometimes doing nothing at all is also a good way to recover. Try to sit on the couch for a while without interrupting small matters and tasks. Believe me, this time will not be wasted. Get rid of guilt and be sure that such a vacation will make you faster, stronger and more resilient.